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Luxury braided tresses of full bend entangled in the back, along with the diamond crown of luxury dress showing off in a big way under the gorgeous bride. The same refers to the from his face flat on the ears, the perfect time to enjoy a leisurely calmly of its own. Tip: like a diamond, at each side of the welcome light flashing brilliance should be perfect no yes. This hairstyle bride love, must have his own determination to fight the diamond! Is combined with fine carved makeup, human hair wigs for black women floating wedding concise, compact bouquet. Suyan cross beam from the cheap human hair extensions in the back of the disc, making it a bride dignified and elegant charm. human hair weave ornament in silver butterfly side between Fu spear This hairstyle beautiful and clever rhyme gas. Tip: simple and elegant hair is often more natural interpretation of the bride tim talk, gentle temperament, in the case of the use of the wedding, the bride even more remarkable holiness, gives a pure visual enjoyment that hairstyle visual features and human hair weave accessories! guide.

In small volumes since the beginning of buckle sweet short human braiding hair, the human hair wig can also be made according to the mood within the volume effect, the focus is on the head bangs while attention Crossing law, will look more natural, it will not give stiff rigid Feeling. Straight hair was stiff gentle and well-behaved, straight hair is no longer popular, no supple effect, give people a stiff feeling, you can use human hair wigs for black women sticks, hair part will make natural curls effect, will give it a whole fashion sense. Red short human hair half wigs girls elf as the workplace, the most suitable hairstyle is short human braiding hair, short hair is not only able simple, take care of them more than enough, no special tidy, dash messy hair will bring you unexpected comfort of intimacy. Romantic carved curls hair no matter what time, are the most able to demonstrate female milky way human hair gentle side, without crushing the hair, if it appears that the Roll will be able to express vividly romantic atmosphere, sweet smile and warm casual sweater will upgrade your intimacy!

DIY Japanese Mawei: Want to create a lovely Japanese ponytail shape, fluffy very critical, gently grasping after Zhaqi loose ponytail human hair weave root, it can play a good role fluffy. Today, he said one of the tips, flat head, like MM can tie a lovely head back round. Hurry to try it! Step1 ~ 2: Firstly tie a princess and a half from the head hairdo (looped back over the ear position), preferably directly with the clutch out fluffy effect, then tied a rubber band. Step3 ~ 4: The following human hair for crochet braids all up to start from the lower reverse position above the ponytail, secured with a rubber band tied to the top of the cauda equina. Step5 ~ 6: After the tie with a U-shaped clips, rubber bands to the proposal from the reverse of the folder will be the most secure. This will show a small bottle of the back of the head, ponytail tied higher and also because more layered. Step7 ~ 8: Finally, add a sweet headbands, Japanese fluffy ponytail're done slightly, back of the head is not particularly sleek look cute ah

Salon fifteenth day is over basic resumed "normal", while many salon owners have focused placed before the holiday, after less emphasis on measures taken by the Chinese New Year. Here for everyone to share in a relatively simple way: Step 1: Prepare 1: purchase 500 red 2: Printed 500 50 yuan hot dye pull Coupons (Note: To hereby stated coupon valid for this volume 2 2014 month 20--2014 April 20) 3: The 500-coupon into 500 envelopes inside Step two: paid 1: Customers From now on, those who enter the shop at the time of paying the consumer can receive a red envelope (envelopes within a course is 50 yuan hot dye pull coupons) 2: When the customer buying the single and then sent a red envelope, remember to say: & quot; Our little mind, I wish you a Happy New Year! The red is a limited 50's. Wait until after February 20, as long as the consumption volume to get hot human hair wigs with bangs, dyeing, pull, you can arrive 50 yuan in cash. That there is no good way, I hope to share with a lot of published!